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MFA Thesis Exhibition held in the Audain Gallery at the University of Victoria, August 2022

Centring on oysters, pearls, and related material byproducts, the installation featured sculptures, video and sound works, and spatial interventions exploring accumulation, consumption, and hierarchies of value within the context of the everyday.  

Individual works included:

Worm Curtain 

Burl wood, beads, nylon string

Pearl Necklace 

550 cultured freshwater pearls, silk thread, custom steel stand

Wall with Whispering Oyster

Wood, drywall, oak, venetian plaster, oyster shell with internal speaker and whisper soundtrack, found objects & debris, homemade tabby stucco, nail polish, cast pewter, hydrocal 

Oyster Mouth & Drill 

Videos, custom steel stands




Tabby concrete, debris, coins 

Throughout the exhibition there is a combination of layers and layers and layers of venetian plaster burnished to a high lustre and rough tabby stucco made from post-consumer oyster shells. The walls of the gallery were painted to resemble the flesh of the mollusks and institutional doors and power outlets were swapped out with domestic ones. 

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